Anneke Van Giersbergen – Symphonized

We all fell in love with the enchanting voice of Anneke Van Giersbergen when she was the vocalist of The Gathering and after that she embarked on a prolific solo career, collaborated with various brilliant artists such as Devin Townsend and Arjen Lucassen and recently returned to metal with her new band Vuur. Anneke’s new release “Symphonized” is a remarkable live album because here you can experience her two career-spanning concerts with orchestral arrangements together with Residentie Orkest The Hague.

The show starts with the lavish orchestrations and graceful vocals of “Feel Alive”, originally released on Anneke’s solo album “Everything Is Changing”.

“Your Glorious Light Will Shine – Helsinki”, originally released by Vuur, is certainly stripped of its bold progressive metal core but in this version it shines for the natural blend of triumphant orchestral vibes and classical dreamy tonalities.

The aria by Henry Purcell “When I Am laid In Earth” feels particularly compelling as it completely deviates from the rock/metal realm with its purely classical elegant harmonies that allow Anneke to show her operatic skills.

On “Travel”, a The Gathering song loved by many fans, Anneke’s vocal performance feels utterly nostalgic while the sumptuous orchestration successfully channels the original inner spacey melancholy.

The unreleased song in Dutch “Zo Lief” stands out for Anneke’s emotionally charged genuine vocals accompanied by charming minimalist piano and strings.

Another The Gathering lovely song “Forgotten” takes us back in time with refined orchestrations and Anneke’s voice will inevitably trigger immense nostalgia.

“Shores Of India” was originally released by The Gentle Storm, an unforgettable collaboration with Arjen Lucassen featuring epic & eclectic prog dynamics that here acquire classical allure and melodic splendor.

Anneke’s fans will be instantly delighted by the marvelous live performance on “Symphonized”, an album that rightfully celebrates her vocal talent accompanied by an extraordinary orchestra.

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