Lucifer’s Child/Mystifier – Under Satan’s Wrath

Celebrating the obscure force of black metal, Greek band Lucifer’s Child and Brazilian veterans Mystifier join forces on the unholy split album “Under Satan’s Wrath”.
Mystifier open the album with the malevolent dynamics of “Death Beyond Holy Creation” showcasing hints of old school black metal through the unrestrained hostile riffage and the theatrical chanting embellished by the fancy melodic nuances of the guitar work.
The second original track “Under Inhumane Evil Spells” immediately unleashes a belligerent combo of monumental drumming and ravenous guitar riffs while the classic heavy metal vibes of the multiple extensive solos increase diversity.
Lucifer’s Child delivers a blasphemous offering with “Satan’s Wrath” focusing on the breakneck speed of the relentless drums and the oppressive guitar riffs to create a menacing rhythmic rampage that will morph into a brief ominous melodic ensemble.
On “Nova Tenebris” Lucifer’s Child fully embrace a ritualistic flair leading to the sheer brutality of the majestic blackened rhythmic blasts amplified by the visceral growls while the nocturnal atmospheric textures and the excellent gloomy melodic guitar work evoke arcane vibes.
Throughout “Under Satan’s Wrath” Lucifer’s Child and Mystifier have the chance to manifest their own distinct blackened vision spreading perennial darkness and hellish grooves.

Decline Of The I – Johannes

French post-black metal band Decline Of The I begins a new spellbinding trilogy with the full length “Johannes” inspired by the output of Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard.
Within a mystical sonic realm “A Selfish Star” conveys darkened emotions through the seductive dreamy atmospheric arrangements, the angelic choirs and the exquisite guitar melodies that will often give way to a majestic heavier rhythmic ensemble clearly influenced by the ominous force of black metal.
“The Veil of Splendid Lies” skillfully combines blackened fury and sheer melancholia as the guitar work naturally shifts from visceral riffage to sombre melodic textures and the resulting contrasting feelings flourish in the midst of a refined multifaceted atmospheric ensemble.
A solemn arcane aura enriched by opulent classical accents surrounds the final opus “Diev Vide” which definitely embodies the darkest nuances recurring throughout the whole album as the mesmerizing guitar work focuses on a fragile melodic beauty that will become inevitably entwined with gelid blackened tonalities leading to intense rhythmic crescendos amplified by the tormented growls.
Throughout “Johannes” Decline Of The I showcases a magnetic creative force carefully blending cold blackened moments and stylish surreal atmospheres that emphasize the philosophical & contemplative themes.

Azarath – Saint Desecration

Founded & masterminded by Behemoth’s drummer Inferno, Azarath manifest a majestic blackened death metal vision that will leave you breathless and shattered on the new offering “Saint Desecration”. 

Darkness descends triumphantly on “Death-at-Will” as a series of lugubrious guitar melodies will linger through the ruthless blackened realm fueled by the insane speed of drumming, the aggressive riffage and the hellish growls. 

On “Sancta Dei Meretrix” the visceral blackened essence is destined to prevail through the menacing rhythmic rampage enriched by the technical accents of the excellent guitar leads and the ritualistic style of the growls.  

“Fall of the Blessed” once again focuses on the malignant strength of the drums to create asphyxiating grooves while the guitar work emphasizes the inner darkness with cryptic tonalities and elaborate soloing. 

“No Salvation” features stylish mournful guitar phrases that foreshadow the increasing obscurity of the belligerent rhythmic march which relies on the precise drumming and the relentless riffs to convey pure rage. 

The enticing darkness of the melodic segments holds a fundamental role in “Reigning over the Death” which dwells within a mysterious world where the furious death metal core is bound to thrive unleashing monumental rhythmic blasts. 

“Beyond the Gates of Burning Ghats” continues to follow a merciless extreme metal pathway as the towering drums dictate vicious dynamics enhanced by sinister melodic leads while in the final part the extensive charismatic guitar solo successfully creates an arcane melodic grandeur.  

In order to create the sonic onslaught embodied by “Saint Desecration” Azarath invoke an ominous force that inevitably generates punishing grooves definitely enriched by an intriguing melodic gloom. 

Acherontas – Psychic Death – The Shattering of Perceptions

Acherontas are renowned in the New Wave of Greek Black Metal scene and the time has come to begin a new chapter with the obscure soundscapes of the eighth studio album “Psychic Death – The Shattering Of Perceptions”. 

“Paradigms Of Nyx” conjures undiluted darkness with a ferocious blackened rhythmic assault amplified by the tormented growls and the theatrical narratives while the ominous guitar riffs and inflamed leads seem to emerge straight from hellish depths. 

The occult vibes of “Kiss The Blood” flourish through the intense guitar progressions channeling an immense melodic gloom and a primordial black metal force while the ritualistic vocals and the mysterious atmospheric arrangements hold a crucial role within the intricate composition. 

The title track shifts to a slower grave tempo that highlights the hypnotizing guitar work generating a bewitching melodic splendor and increasing the spiritual essence in the midst of a dense mystifying atmosphere. 

Darkness descends throughout “Coiled Splendor” which truly feels like an arcane ritual as the atmospheric layers surround the blistering blackened soul embodied by the relentless riffage and drumming yet the guitar leads can elegantly create spellbinding melodic progressions. 

The captivating elaborate guitar melodies on “Magick Of Mirrors” become the dominant element leading to a perennial darkened immersive momentum that could even bring spiritual enlightenment and the solemn spoken words seem to hold an inscrutable magical power that could open the doors of perception. 

“Psychic Death – The Shattering Of Perceptions” incarnates a mystical journey through the ancient routes of divination as Acherontas meticulously craft monumental blackened grooves and enigmatic melodic tapestries. 

Hail Spirit Noir – Eden In Reverse

Psychedelic prog metal band Hail Spirit Noir confidently embraces an experimental music pathway to embark on a galactic journey that leads to the fourth full length “Eden In Reverse”.

“Incense Swirls” already manifests an enigmatic essence that makes you space out easily blending interesting proggy patterns and multifaceted cosmic atmospheres balanced by a moody melodic soul also emphasized by the soothing vocal delivery. 

Featuring Lars Nedland of Borknagar “Crossroads” begins with passionate vocal harmonies and soon enters an eclectic prog oriented sonic realm that relies on glowing guitar progressions surrounded by rich synths layers and psychedelic accents that generate a strong trippy momentum. 

“The First Ape On New Earth” holds a heavier rhythmic core unleashing immediately a series of sharp riffs supported by faster rhythmic blasts nevertheless due to the intricate composition there are many variations of style & pace throughout the songs leading to luminous guitar melodies and captivating multilayered synths offering robotic electro beats as well as elegant atmospheric textures. 

“Automata 1980” is a full blown futuristic trip as the wide array of strange & eerie electronic sounds and the insane psychedelic vibes might induce a trance-like state but later guitars begin to craft smooth melodic crescendos enhanced by the somber emotions of the vocals. 

It becomes quickly clear that Hail Spirit Noir are driven by a desire to explore diverse music styles leading to the shapeshifting soundscapes of “Eden In Reverse” which in fact will inevitably attract a niche audience. 

ForgottenTomb – Nihilistic Estrangement

Longstanding Italian band Forgotten Tomb begins a new chapter of doom & misanthropy on the tenth studio album “Nihilistic Estrangement” which was recorded using vintage analogue techniques to create charismatic timeless soundscapes. 

On “Active Shooter” there is an insanely addictive melody that is destined to spellbind you since the first listening while the ominous growls and the inflamed rhythmic section channel blackened nuances that will embrace an exquisite melancholic essence through the bewitching guitar melodies. 

“Distrust3 “ offers some catchy black ‘n roll dynamics with an overload of galloping sharp guitar riffs and thunderous drumming yet the mournful doom influence is still present within the slower hypnotizing melodic progressions and the gelid tonalities. 

The title track stands out for the enthralling melodic crescendos that become the main focus in order to fully express a grave emotional whirlwind through the darkened allure of the guitar phrases that naturally lead to a gorgeous dreamy finale.  

On “RBMK” the recurring haunting melodic guitars evoke a decadent gothic flair carefully mixed with more aggressive blackened roots that generate imposing obscure vibes and faster rhythmic dynamics. 

As a perennial darkness lingers throughout “Nihilistic Estrangement” Forgotten Tomb successfully depict an introverted sonic realm with a memorable blend of lugubrious doom patterns and venomous black metal inspiration. 

Hour Of Penance – Misotheism

Italian extreme metal veterans Hour Of Penance are known for their brutal technical approach and now they reach a new crucial milestone releasing the eighth full length “Misotheism”. 

“Blight And Conquer” immediately showcases the obscure nature of the album with the arcane tonalities of the intense lead guitar work and the insane death metal elements fully come to life through the relentless and meticulous rhythmic section. 

“Fallen From Ivory Towers” offers some tasteful melodic guitar progressions adding diversity and dramatic depth in the midst of the dense at times asphyxiating rhythmic patterns enhanced by the technical work and the diabolical growls. 

“The Second Babel” aims to grab your attention with the slightly melodic twists of the stellar guitar work while maintaining a rather hostile death metal essence with breakneck speed and ruthless riffage. 

“Flames Of Merciless Gods” relies on massive rounds of technical rhythmic segments naturally amplifying the belligerent sonic pathway of the album yet once again the guitars successfully craft darkly compelling melodies especially in the intriguing solo. 

“Occult Den Of Snakes” brings closure with a melancholy infused atmosphere that becomes an essential element leading to a contemplative momentum that allows the refined melodic guitar work to take the center stage following a less frantic yet rather ominous rhythmic core. 

You can certainly expect an overdose of menacing darkness and aggressive grooves dominating the entire new album “Misotheism” as Hour of Penance stay true to their uncompromising death metal approach. 

October Tide – In Splendor Below

Swedish melodic death/doom metallers October Tide, featuring former Katatonia members Fredrik and Mattias Norrman, are ready to share with the world their new darkly emotive sonic journey incarnated by the sixth studio album “In Splendor Below”.

“I, The Polluter” has what it takes to grab your attention with impactful rhythmic dynamics and menacing growls inspired by classic death metal but eventually the exquisitely melancholic themes will become more prominent through elegantly cold guitar melodies and brooding tonalities.

“We Died In October” has a calmer mood starting with deliciously darkened guitar phrases flowing gracefully within a doom tinged sonic realm and the rhythmic segments certainly sound fierce accompanied by obscure growls yet tend to leave behind excessive brutality to highlight such melodic splendor.

Even with a slower tempo “Our Famine” still relies on a gelid melo-death essence offering sorrowful guitar melodies characterized by depressing yet absolutely gorgeous tonalities that shine particularly during the minimalist contemplative breakdown.

On “Seconds” the shimmering melancholic guitar melodies once again will impress the listeners while the mighty harsh rhythmic patterns and the moody atmospheres tend to emphasize familiar mournful doom tonalities.

On “Envy The Moon” guitars continue to deserve the spotlight effortlessly shifting from galloping riffs to extremely gloomy melodies according to the contrasting nuances that characterize the whole album and the result is another heartfelt harmonious soundscape that will ultimately feel like a wintry daydream.

October Tide truly demonstrate the ability to express a multitude of poignant feelings through the winning blend of refined melodic waves and extreme metal roots behind the creation of “In Splendor Below”.

The Moth Gatherer – Esoteric Oppression

Founded in Stockholm in 2008 by Victor Wegeborn and Alex Stjernfeldt, The Moth Gatherer is now proud to share with the world the multifaceted nuances and contemplative atmospheres of the new studio effort “Esoteric Oppression”.

Get ready to space out as “The Drone Kingdom” presents an intricate composition deeply influenced by contrasting feelings, starting with an utterly enigmatic atmospheric soundscape that will soon give way to a remarkable ensemble of heavy doom despair embedded in the thick guitar progressions and the fragile hopefulness of dreamy melodic passages amplified by underlying bewitching chants.

“Motionless In Oceania” offers plenty of intriguing gloomy and heavy rhythmic crescendos but definitely stands out for the cathartic post-rock influenced guitar melodies that instantly convey sheer melancholia and all the profound feelings here are further emphasized by the multi layered hazy arrangements.  

“Phosphorescent Blight” marks an epic finale as this complex lengthy track aims to grab your attention with a darkened sonic maze where massive guitar riffs can trigger a sense of impending doom while all the spellbinding melodic guitars flow just like a daydream through lush atmospheric waves and cosmic psychedelic layers conveying a fragile serenity that becomes essential.  

Listening to “Esoteric Oppression” you can easily tell that The Moth Gatherer are eager to explore diverse music territories to successfully develop a personal sonic identity and this album also symbolizes another step towards a pale source of light within a realm of pure darkness.

The Order Of Apollyon – Moriah

With a new devoted stable line-up it’s time for The Order Of Apollyon to spread immense darkness and sheer brutality with the third full length “Moriah”.

“The Lies Of Moriah” begins with dismal arpeggios that prepares you for a hellish sonic assault that simply cannot be ignored with a monumental dosage of crushing drums and tight blackened guitar riffing generating asphyxiating rhythmic blasts.

“Rites Of The Immolator” feels even more aggressive as plummeting grooves seem truly unstoppable with solid guitar riffs leading the way to a dark abyss where few grim melodic phrases will eventually surface.

“Grey Father” offers another fiery round of obscure guitar riffs naturally following a breakneck speed yet there are also brief enigmatic atmospheric moments flowing through the extremely heavy rhythmic sections.  

With ominous chants and arcane organ harmonies “Soldat” has a more theatrical mood that will later return with extremely melancholic guitar melodies yet cavernous growls and utterly vicious rhythmic dynamics continue to channel an arcane blackened force.

On “A Monument” there is an underlying grave melodic mood which definitely influences the cold guitar tonalities while the massive rhythmic section tends to maintain steady ruthless grooves.

A renewed creative force and mature songwriting approach are the key elements behind “Moriah” as inspired by primal black/death metal elements The Order Of Apollyon confidently unleash a full blown nightmarish work of music.