Arsis – Visitant

Finally returning to the metal scene, technical melodic death metal veterans Arsis aim to conquer more acolytes worldwide with the savage effort “Visitant” which being the first new album in five years will certainly generate interest and high expectations.

There is an overwhelming atmospheric obscurity on “Tricking The Gods” which can sound extremely vicious with the relentless meticulous guitar work meant to build heavy technical grooves enhanced by thunderous drumming and ravenous vocals yet the guitar leads are ready to craft compelling melodic phrases.

“Hell Sworn” doesn’t waste any time and immediately delivers ferocious guitar riffs, monstrous bass lines and massive drum blasts maintaining a palpable instrumental ferocity until utterly somber guitar leads emerge with melodic grandeur.

“As Deep As Your Flesh” features another infectious sonic assault courtesy of a steady fierce rhythmic section full of roaring guitar riffs while the leads generate an enjoyable technical melodic momentum.

“A Pulse Keeping Time With The Dark” tends to focus on a darkened melodic approach following dramatic tonalities naturally expressed by loads of variegated stylish lead guitars but such slower moody ensemble doesn’t sacrifice the song’s inner menacing technical death metal nature.

“Dead Is Better” goes back to a full blown death metal anthemic formula with the evident sonic aggression that spontaneously leads to a truly nightmarish soundscape due to the extreme speed and the frenetic guitar driven grooves.

Since the beginning “His Eyes” puts darkly melodic guitars and haunting soloing in the spotlight creating less intimidating instrumental passages yet there are still moments of sheer brutality in the recurrent bold rhythmic patterns.

While on “Visitant” Arsis showcase a personal ‘techy’ identity which is definitely inspired by all shades of the death metal subgenres they never refrain from blending diverse tonalities and still remain committed to their wicked signature style.

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