Avast – Mother Culture

Norwegian band Avast certainly draws inspiration from primal black metal and atmospheric post-rock, such strong music influences and a philosophical concept generate the debut full length “Mother Culture”.

The title track feels like an ode to darkness beginning with extra somber arrangements swiftly followed by a quite brutal sonic assault where fast blackened grooves are crucial yet there will be moments of compelling introspective tranquility and maybe hopefulness with fragile atmospheric arrangements and melancholic guitar melodies.

Leaving behind any aggressive dynamics “The Myth” dwells in a dreamy limbo where lovely weeping guitars naturally create a magical melodic ensemble characterized by mellow phrases and shimmering rhythmic crescendos.

Dark tonalities and melancholy infused guitar passages introduce “The World Belongs To Man” which stands out for the versatile intricate structure and will often acquire a fierce blackened core featuring a fast paced harsh rhythmic section and savage growls.

There is an inner moody serenity on “Man Belongs To The World” starting with moving arpeggios and then evolving into a more obscure soundscape favoring occasional blackened bursts while softer guitar harmonies and introvert atmospheres maintain an essential melodic approach.

Newcomers Avast have already developed a personal music vision which blends the evident Norwegian black metal heritage and the striking blackgaze atmospheres yet showcases the potential to go beyond such subgenres as this is just the beginning of their promising music journey.

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