Slegest – Introvert

Norwegian outfit Slegest has chosen a sonic pathway where black metal and classic heavy rock spontaneously collide generating the new album “Introvert”.  

Subtle obscure feelings certainly linger on “Blodets Varme Gjennom Meg” yet the band delivers plenty of entertaining grooves blending fiery rock riffage and somber guitar melodies while vocals can sound really vicious reminiscing of old school black metal.

“Maler Lys I Moerketid” still dwells within a darkened sonic realm where cohesive guitars deliver sharp blackened rock riffs leading to catchy rhythmic dynamics and vibrant melodic soloing.

“Det Brenne I Glaasi” often emphasizes the band’s classic heavy rock roots with solid rounds of killer guitar riffs but later will acquire exquisite gloomy tonalities that render the melodic passages darker than usual channeling wintry vibes.

“Leitar” aims for an extra groovy sound without losing its inner sinister mood so you’ll hear plenty of galloping gritty guitar riffs leading to utterly grave rhythmic patterns as well as cold melodic tonalities.

The final track “Den Onde Sirkel” is full of heavy rock hooks confidently crafted by steady guitar riffing and here the general darkened mood is also influenced by the grim slow burning guitar soloing  while the cavernous growls are still fueled by a primordial black metal force.

It all started when Ese left Vreid in 2010 and now Slegest has confidently developed a signature music style and what comes to life on “Introvert” is an explosive yet remarkably darkened collection of groovy songs.

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