Beyond Creation – Algorythm

For Canadian progressive technical death metal band Beyond Creation the next step in their remarkable sonic evolution is embodied by the latest release “Algorythm” which promises an eclectic and absolutely crushing ensemble.

A furious instinct sets the mood of “Entre Suffrage Et Mirage” and consequently belligerent drums and fiery guitar riffs channel a rather extreme metal force that will be interrupted by contrasting soothing nuances and luminous melodic guitars.

The tranquil beginning of “Surface’s Echoes” features sophisticated prog oriented harmonies yet this track can sound simply brutal with a ravenous array of guitar riffs and powerful bass lines plus the terrific guitar solo and melodic whirlwind will instantly grab your attention.

The title track continues to offer an excellent blend of brighter melodic textures and harsh rhythmic segments featuring savage drum blasts and tight riffage while the poignant guitar solo here feels particularly compelling.

“In Adversity” will delight you with a series of bold rhythmic sections loaded with technical guitar work and death metal accents especially amplified by the relentless drumming and ruthless growls but the crispy melodic approach of the guitar solo can be considered the highlight of the song.

The instrumental track “Binomial Structures” begins with remarkable bass work and subtle atmospheric layers while guitars can fully showcase excellent technical expertise and create intricate melodic waves with vibrant & melancholic tonalities.

“The Afterlife” features loads of thrilling rhythmic segments where guitars can acquire insanely heavy tonalities due to the primal death metal elements but also craft extravagant melodic phrases and fancy solos characterized by an impeccable sound and execution.

Certainly Beyond Creation follows an intriguing and mature music pathway where extreme metal elements are very much alive yet the proggy & jazzy moments often feel more innovative and therefore tend to steal the spotlight throughout the intricate soundscapes of “Algorythm”.

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