Venom – Storm The Gates

Featuring the unholy trinity of Cronos, Rage and Dante black metal progenitors Venom are ready to proudly rule the night once again with the loud blasphemous force of the new full length “Storm The Gates”.

“Bring Out Your Dead” immediately showcases a hellish sound embodied by the tight guitar riffing galore and the consequent pummeling rhythmic patterns and every instrumental passage holds that particular raw energy that fans absolutely love.

“Notorious” confidently offers another crushing round of consistently ravenous guitar riffs yet the rhythmic core is not just about upbeat thrash blasts as it features a rather catchy & raspy chorus as well as a thrilling guitar solo.

“I Dark Lord” benefits from the utterly sinister atmosphere as tempo is often dramatically slowed down to enhance a sense of impending doom until the fierce drums and the extreme tonalities of the guitar work build cohesive faster segments.

“100 Miles To Hell” aptly emerges from the darkest depths to deliver a mighty rhythmic section full of impactful guitar riffs that ultimately lead to extra groovy anthemic moments plus the killer guitar solo successfully channels major ominous vibes.

With a classic impactful guitar riffage and a rebellious rock spirit “Dark Night (Of The Soul)” goes straight to the point to deliver moshpit inducing grooves and of course the overall diabolical mood is amplified by the darkened guitar leads.

Savage drums introduce the infernal sonic realm of “Over My Dead Body” and guitars swiftly follow a thunderous rhythm reminiscent of old school thrash metal briefly interrupted by slower yet intensely obscure melodic moments.

The title track probably refers to Venom opening once again the gates of hell and in fact roaring guitar riffs march relentlessly throughout the song while the lead guitar work is ready to spice up the traditional instrumental structure with scattered inflamed licks.

A familiar primordial force maintains a classic Venom approach on the latest offering “Storm The Gates” which might not sound like a groundbreaking opus today but it definitely seems to incarnate the obscure metal style that the band’s faithful acolytes expect to hear.  

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