Nailed To Obscurity – Black Frost

Hailing from Northern Germany, melodic death/doom metallers Nailed To Obscurity proudly unleash the new full length “Black Frost” which symbolizes an emotional journey that explores the burdens on our souls and minds through an enthralling blend of harsh tonalities and gorgeous melodies.

The title track marks a majestic beginning feeling like a gelid melancholic wonderland as guitars craft various elaborate passionate melodies, elegantly soothing soloing and even more energetic extreme metal oriented moments within a wistful atmospheric realm constantly fueled by an omnipresent darkness.

On “Tears Of The Eyeless” the obscure death metal roots emerge from a hopeless abyss through fierce rhythmic blasts and massive wicked growls but the band always returns to embrace a graceful melancholy infused mood with poignant melodic guitar progressions and heartfelt clean vocal delivery.  

With an overdose of haunting vibes “Feardom” continues to evoke all kinds of darkened emotions and while the aggressive rhythmic momentum is still essential within the song’s structure the sorrowful guitar melodies accompanied by dreamy clean vocals often steal the spotlight.

The intensely darkened aura of “Road To Perdition” influences inevitably the whole instrumental ensemble that effortlessly shifts from primordial energetic dynamics to the sheer melodic splendor of intricate guitar melodies and inspiring solo which are always ready to channel profoundly contemplative vibes.

Nailed To Obscurity are confidently following a captivating darkened music formula that allows the introspective soul of “Black Frost” to stand out through the intricate melodic waves and the overall wintry mood that certainly matches the album’s title.

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