Incite – Built To Destroy

For metal frontrunners Incite the brand new studio effort “Built To Destroy” certainly represents a significant milestone and they are eager to share with the world such massive collection of heavy grooves.

The title track goes straight to the point delivering a series of visceral guitar driven grooves that will definitely call for instant headbanging with the right dosage of modern metal riffs and belligerent drum blasts while the guitar solo aims to grab your attention with a slick fancy melodic approach.  

The mood of “Ruthless Ways” matches the title as guitar riffs can sound utterly ruthless constantly building vicious grooves supported by a monolithic rhythmic section and amplified by the aggressive vocal delivery.

While the main rhythmic core continues to sound merciless “Human Cancer” channels darkness and torment especially during the brief somber melodic breakdown plus Kirk Windstein of legendary Crowbar delivers some brutal guest vocals.

“Confronting Darkness” offers another round of scorching guitar riffs leading to moshpit friendly rhythmic dynamics fueled by the extra heavy drumming and the angered mood fully expressed by furious growls yet the guitar solo shifts the focus to refined shredding.

Featuring guest vocalist Chris Barnes of Six Feet Under “Poisoned By Power” is faster and inevitably full of rage as monumental thrilling grooves once again revolve around the intense guitar work which reaches the acme with the delightfully wild shredding solo.

“Hate For Life” doesn’t slow down at all so get ready for an overdose of relentless guitar riffs and consequent unstoppable heavy grooves while the guitar solo once again aims to impress with a sophisticated melodic approach.

Dedication and passion are behind the gruesome sonic assault that “Built To Destroy” ensures from beginning to end as Incite stay true to their savage sonic pathway without any hesitation.

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