Undantagsfolk – Den Ondes Fingrar

Featuring Êlea of Noeta and Erik of Grift, Swedish duo Undantagsfolk is ready to share arcane stories worldwide on the debut EP “Den Ondes Fingrar”.

Listening to the dreamy atmospheres of “Då All Tid Försvinner” can be very a relaxing experience as the band creates magical barren folk melodies using harmonium and nylon stringed guitars with a minimalist music approach that allows the delicate vocals to spellbind the listeners.

The title track often feels like a celebration of the beauty of nature as it continues to focus on enchanting detailed melodic progressions and moving tonalities embellished by a heartfelt vocal delivery and this graceful ensemble always flows like a dream evoking feelings of loneliness and nostalgia.

Undantagsfolk are certainly inspired by ancient folk and Swedish traditions, consequently the sonic realm of “Den Ondes Fingrar” is made of sheer melancholy and soulful harmonies that naturally lead to a delightful dreamy sonic journey.

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