Dust Bolt – Trapped In Chaos

Even if they are from Germany Dust Bolt are absolutely devoted to Bay Area style thrash metal so it won’t be surprising to find retro flavors within the massive sonic assault of the fourth album “Trapped In Chaos”.

“The Fourth Strike” diligently stays true to the traditional thrash metal legacy so throughout the song you can expect monumental grooves generated by a merciless rhythmic section and savage guitars but sometimes Dust Bolt adds a fair dosage of somber feelings with tasteful guitar melodies.

Darkened vibes and contemplative moments on “Dead Inside” deeply influence the whole guitar work leading to a mix of grim melodies and groovy riffage that certainly showcases consistent thrash dynamics without necessarily maintaining a constant breakneck speed.

There are loads of galloping heavy guitar riffs and wicked vocals on “Bloody Rain” so the anthemic groovy thrash aspects are still present but this track actually stands out for the exquisite dark mood of the slower ominous rhythmic segments.

A raw energy and an old school thrash momentum are the essential elements of “Shed My Skin” which will call for headbanging as it’s naturally filled with frenetic guitar riffs, extra wild shredding and fierce drumming.  

With a dramatically slower tempo “Another Day In Hell” is a moody track that tends to leave behind all the rage to convey gloomy emotions through sorrowful melodic guitar progressions and calmer pensive vocal delivery.  

“Chaos Possession” returns to a properly loud unrestrained thrash assault delivering cohesive monstrous grooves with the expected ravenous guitar riffs and thrilling leads well supported by a precise rhythmic ensemble.

If you’re in the mood for solid no frills thrash metal rest assured that “Trapped In Chaos” has plenty of fiery grooves to offer even if there are not exceptional innovations here as Dust Bolt prove to be truly passionate acolytes of such timeless genre.

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