Astronoid – Astronoid

Back in 2016  Boston quartet Astronoid made a memorable debut in the underground metal scene and now it’s time to conquer a wider audience showing the band’s purest form with the brand new self-titled sophomore album.  

On the album opener “A New Color” you will find the key elements of Astronoid’s chosen music pathway as guitars can engage in frenetic and slightly heavy segments with evident prog influences yet the delicate daydreaming atmospheres feel fundamental enhancing the soothing melodic nature of the guitar phrases and solo.  

As the title suggests everything on “I Dream In Lines” flows like a dream with loads of kaleidoscopic melodic textures surrounded by extra spacey atmospheric arrangements and spiced up by the occasional chunky rhythmic blasts.

“Lost” begins with lovely guitar melodies and soothing vocals channeling genuine peaceful feelings that will never really fade away even if the rhythmic core eventually acquires sophisticated prog metal tonalities leading to technical guitar riffing and a significantly heavier momentum.

“Water” holds a strong prog metal inspiration that leads to a crunchy series of tight guitar riffs well supported by an intense rhythmic ensemble while the hazy atmospheric layers and the soulful vocal delivery emphasize the song’s inner melancholia.

“Ideal World” features a captivating melodic essence within a shadowy atmospheric realm yet doesn’t leave behind a heavier core as guitars confidently shift from contemplative luminous harmonies to borderline chaotic harsh riffage following the eclectic rhythmic variations.

While the dreamy atmospheres concocted by Astronoid are reminiscent of modern post metal style this self-titled album relies on a multifaceted songwriting that generates an interesting blend of groovy dynamics and moments of absolute solace.

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