Within Temptation – Resist

During their long successful career Within Temptation have achieved a fundamental role in the symphonic metal realm yet in recent years they gradually felt the need to explore new and different music styles, a necessary process to avoid stagnation and lack of inspiration. The return of Within Temptation is inevitably surrounded by high expectations and the new release “Resist” is in fact one of the most anticipated albums of 2019 symbolizing a new musical era and spreading empowering messages because it’s time to break free and fight for freedom.

Featuring guest vocalist Jacoby Shaddix of rockers Papa Roach, the wake up call of “The Reckoning” feels incredibly strong with triumphant accents and somber tones as the enticing instrumental passages fluently unfold through vivid futuristic synths and bouncy guitars while a shimmering melodic aura is always enhanced by the sheer elegance of Sharon’s eclectic vocal delivery.

Undoubtedly “Endless War” is full of vibrant melodic hooks emphasized by a profound melancholia embedded within the mixture of subtle symphonic orchestrations and contrasting modern electro layers that surround Sharon’s spellbinding vocal harmonies.

Guest vocalist Anders Fridén of In Flames provides some bold screams on “Raise Your Banner” and guitars acquire a more prominent role delivering heavier riffs and a crispy melodic solo while understated atmospheric textures constantly channel a darkened mood that will be further intensified by majestic symphonic orchestrations and Sharon’s impeccable operatic vocals glowing through the melodic crescendos.

“Supernova” returns to a futuristic sonic realm with loads of throbbing electronic arrangements that amplify the song’s modern pop approach and the catchy melodies of the memorable chorus while the brief yet intense symphonic style choirs convey solemn vibes.

“In Vain” relies on a profound nostalgia that dictates the lovable mellow rhythm while Sharon’s poignant vocals certainly are destined to steal the spotlight naturally embellishing every melodic progression and emphasizing the song’s inner passionate feelings.

Even if the polished melodic grandeur of “Trophy Hunter” is always evident leading to compelling catchy moments and a lavish chorus, the crunchy tonalities of the guitar riffage ensure a heavy rhythmic core surrounded by dramatic atmospheric layers and scattered majestic symphonic undertones.

It’s evident that Within Temptation went through a major sonic evolution, maybe there are only hints of the style that contributed to their success on the beloved “Mother Earth”, but it must be noted that this has been a rather smooth transition that reaches a natural acme with “Resist”. “Resist” is characterized by modern nuances and even a wide range of techno/pop elements and such accessible melodic approach is the result of a renewed creative force that definitely marks an important milestone for Within Temptation.

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