Pulchra Morte – Divina Autem Et Aniles

Featuring seasoned musicians, death/doom metallers Pulchra Morte proudly unleash the debut full-length “Divina Autem Et Aniles” which guides the listeners through an intensely dark and heavy sonic maze.

The doom roots of “Give No More” are immediately evident with the raw energy of guitar riffs and the sorrowful melodies that inevitably evoke a sense of despair and the consequent rhythmic progressions maintain a monolithic groove without the need for breakneck speed.

“Soulstench” continues to showcase a mighty doom sound that dictates the mournful heaviness of the rhythmic section amplified by the ferocious growls while the melodic framework tends to stand out with elegant gothic tinged guitar phrases and eerie atmospheres.  

On “Fire And Storm” guitars channel sheer gothic splendor with an extra generous dosage of melancholic melodies enhanced by somber soloing and delicate classical strings while the main rhythmic core still dwells within a crestfallen doom realm.

The fierce rhythmic dynamics and the diabolical growls on “Thrown To The Wolves” ensure a sense of impending doom and a subtle aggressive momentum as the mood is absolutely dark even if there are plenty of slower grave melodic guitar passages.

Following similar darkened themes “Shadows From The Cross” features another round of gelid guitar melodies performed in classic doom fashion while the heavier segments and the enraged growls clearly channel ominous extreme metal roots.

The instrumental track “IX” focuses mainly on the dismal doom tonalities of the guitar work which holds a dominant role here crafting several cold melodies as well as wicked riffs resulting in a balanced blend of bold grooves and haunting feelings.

“Divina Autem Et Aniles” has all the necessary darkened force to grab your attention as it’s an album that only true doom/death metal acolytes could create and will definitely put Pulchra Morte on your radar.

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