Insanity Alert – 666 Pack

Austrian crossover thrashers Insanity Alert have put together a massive thrash party on the third full length record “666 Pack” and all you need to do to fully enjoy this album is get ready to headbang and bring a six pack.  

“Thirstkiller” gets the party started with the necessary raw energy of tight thrash guitar riffs diligently following a steady galloping rhythm that becomes increasingly enraged on “The Body Of The Christ Is The Parasite” with enthusiastic grooves and rebellious screams.

“All Mosh / No Brain” is an instant favorite with its inner insanity that inevitably leads to party grooves and of course a major moshpit with an overload of crunchy guitar riffs.

On “Cobra Commander” there are anthemic thrash dynamics and some grindcore elements resulting in another energetic straightforward tune.  

The rhythmic section doesn’t really slow down on “Echoes Of Death” and the thrash revival approach is still dominant ensuring chugging guitar riffs and belligerent drumming.

“Chronic State Of Hate” is all about savage stomping and strong ‘80s vibes as the rhythmic section gets faster and wilder accompanied by frantic screams.

A Skullcrushin’ Good Time” offers another round of infectious guitar riffs still paying homage to classic thrash metal while “Demons Get Out!” adds an enjoyable diabolical/horror mood to the main relentless rhythmic patterns.

In case you needed more darkness “Dark Energon” has a major devilish essence that demands violent catchy rhythmic dynamics with the additional entertaining variety of the skillful guitar soloing.

Listening to the unstoppable frenetic grooves of “666 Pack” you can tell immediately that Insanity Alert is always ready for no frills classic thrash metal and good time so you should probably join this crazy party.

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