The Moth Gatherer – Esoteric Oppression

Founded in Stockholm in 2008 by Victor Wegeborn and Alex Stjernfeldt, The Moth Gatherer is now proud to share with the world the multifaceted nuances and contemplative atmospheres of the new studio effort “Esoteric Oppression”.

Get ready to space out as “The Drone Kingdom” presents an intricate composition deeply influenced by contrasting feelings, starting with an utterly enigmatic atmospheric soundscape that will soon give way to a remarkable ensemble of heavy doom despair embedded in the thick guitar progressions and the fragile hopefulness of dreamy melodic passages amplified by underlying bewitching chants.

“Motionless In Oceania” offers plenty of intriguing gloomy and heavy rhythmic crescendos but definitely stands out for the cathartic post-rock influenced guitar melodies that instantly convey sheer melancholia and all the profound feelings here are further emphasized by the multi layered hazy arrangements.  

“Phosphorescent Blight” marks an epic finale as this complex lengthy track aims to grab your attention with a darkened sonic maze where massive guitar riffs can trigger a sense of impending doom while all the spellbinding melodic guitars flow just like a daydream through lush atmospheric waves and cosmic psychedelic layers conveying a fragile serenity that becomes essential.  

Listening to “Esoteric Oppression” you can easily tell that The Moth Gatherer are eager to explore diverse music territories to successfully develop a personal sonic identity and this album also symbolizes another step towards a pale source of light within a realm of pure darkness.

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