Altarage – The Approaching Roar

Spanish metal extremists Altarage seem to have no interest in fame and continue to keep their anonymity as well as a rather nihilist approach that feels very dominant throughout the latest effort “The Approaching Roar”.

Listening to “Sighting” you can rest assured that this is not music for the masses as the initial somber dissonant tonalities introduce a monstrous heavy rhythmic section that could not feel darker with cavernous growls and belligerent guitar riffs that simply seem unstoppable.

The beginning of “Urn” deliberately feels unnerving with warped bass tones and a suspenseful mood while massive rhythmic patterns will soon create an impenetrable wall of sound interrupted only by some ominous guitar leads.

With a dramatic rhythmic core “Cyclopean Clash” belongs to an obscure abyss as the monolithic guitar work emerges with dissonant tonalities and extra darkened aesthetics following enigmatic tempo variations.  

“Inhabitant” is full of abrasive guitar riffs that diligently maintain arcane vibes fueled by the primal extreme metal elements while the rhythmic segments effortlessly shift from a fast gruesome assault to atmospheric mournful moments.

“Chaworos Sephelln” continues to channel undiluted obscurity but this time the infectious death metal patterns are suddenly interrupted by a mystical atmospheric crescendo followed by an increasing sense of desperation fully expressed by the doom tonalities of guitars and the utterly dramatic rhythm.

Without any hesitation Altarage dwell comfortably within a brutal chaotic sonic realm on “The Approaching Roar” leading to an uncompromising heavy work of music that could certainly sound too hostile to the faint of heart.  

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