Brick By Brick – Hive Mentality

New York hardcore band Brick By Brick put together a quite angered and relentless new album entitled “Hive Mentality” so you should expect a massive dose of guitar driven grooves.

The title track features a rant by Jessica Pimentel, Alekhine’s Gun vocalist and actress on Orange is the New Black, and basically maintains a furious rhythmic core from beginning to end courtesy of the aggressive combo of guitar riffs and drums.  

“Bad Sign” doesn’t slow down as vocals always feel extremely enraged well supported by the heavy rhythmic approach and the belligerent guitar work.

On “Battleground” the brutal vocal delivery certainly amplifies all the instrumental angst which once again relies on the savage rhythmic patterns spiced up by the fiery shredding guitar solo.

Guest vocalist Vincent Bennet of The Acacia Strain’s contributes to channel raw energy on “In The Ruins” which confidently continues to unleash blistering guitar riffs to build up moshpit friendly rhythmic dynamics.

The entertaining cover of Skid Row beloved classic “Slave To The Grind” gets a super hardcore style makeover so vocals become cavernous while the rebellious rhythmic core of Motörhead’s “Iron Fist” cover might fit better the general mood of the album.

There are no frills or fancy special effects on “Hive Mentality” as Brick By Brick diligently follow a straightforward music formula to generate consistent rounds of crushing grooves throughout the album.

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