Chrome Waves – A Grief Observed

Formed by Jeff Wilson (ex-Nachtmystium, ex-Wolvhammer, ex-Abigail Williams) post/alt-metal band Chrome Waves is now a full time music endeavor with a revamped lineup so this is the right time to release the debut album “A Grief Observed”.  

“Burdened” belongs to a gloomy realm where subtle atmospheric arrangements naturally embrace the harsher momentum brought by blackened guitar riffs, faster drumming and furious growls but the heartfelt melodic progressions and the perennial melancholia represent the highlight of this lengthy album opener.

“Past The Lights” often conveys monochromatic emotions with calmer catchy rhythmic patterns and hazy atmospheres that convey an accessible dark metal mood and enhance the intense melodic gloom of the smooth guitar work.  

The title track stands out for the enthralling cello arrangements that gracefully adorn the dreamy shoegaze style atmospheric ensemble and the deeply melancholic guitar phrases while fragile clean vocals and enraged growls channel contrasting feelings.

Tormented vocals and extremely sorrowful guitar melodies are the key elements in the composition of “Take Another Sip” and a dramatic slower tempo consistently amplifies the nostalgia infused harmonies elegantly crafted by the charismatic cello performance.

“A Grief Observed” constantly dwells within a dark gelid sonic realm where a primal blackened force is always ready to emerge yet Chrome Waves passionately weave lovely melodic textures and cinematic soundscapes that deserve your attention.

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