Beast In Black – From Hell With Love

Mastermind Anton Kabanen continues his bombastic music endeavor with the band Beast In Black and is ready to deliver a brand new ‘80s melodic power metal galore on the sophomore album “From Hell With Love”.

On “Cry Out For A Hero” there is a lot of positive energy embedded in the anthemic power metal guitar riffs, the nostalgia infused melodies and the enjoyable upbeat rhythm that of course will reach the acme with the rather flamboyant shredding of the guitar solo.

The title track sounds more cheesy pushing on the danceable synth pop arrangements to embellish the main classic power metal core so often the rhythm is a bit slower and extra melodic leading to a triumphantly catchy chorus.  

“Repentless” relies on a full blown symphonic grandeur with loads of solemn keyboards and the warrior metal attitude of the majestic choirs that emphasize the powerful blend of crunchy guitar riffs and polished melodic textures.

The expected mellow ballad “Oceandeep” focuses on folkish elements, profoundly melancholic melodies and subtle atmospheric arrangements creating a mellow dreamy soundscape to support the dramatic vocal delivery.

On “This Is War” there are slightly darkened accents running through the traditional power metal patterns while guitar riffs and drums become noticeably heavier accompanied by a bold vocal performance and the atmospheric breakdown will evoke intense nostalgia.

The spirit of ‘80s heavy metal becomes utterly dominant on “No Surrender” so such familiar winning formula dictates solid rounds of chugging guitar riffs marching through up-tempo rhythmic patterns and the must-have fancy melodic soloing with extra shredding power.

Beast In Black plays it safe and everything on “From Hell With Love” follows a similar ‘80s influenced power metal pathway that was at the center of the composition of the debut album “Berserker” therefore you won’t find any innovative surprises here but a solid collection of catchy songs.  


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