Children Of Bodom – Hexed

So many have been waiting for a new full length by renowned Finnish metallers Children Of Bodom and finally the time has come for “Hexed” to unleash the expected brilliant shredding within the band’s signature melo-death sonic realm.

“This Road” is a quite energetic album opener starting immediately with frenetic guitar driven grooves amplified by massive drum blasts but certainly the opulent keyboards arrangements and the cool guitar licks stand out throughout the song with fascinating somber tonalities.

“Under Grass And Clover” has a stronger positive energy as guitar leads and keyboards here channel major catchy ‘80s influences nevertheless vocals sound as enraged as possible just like the crunchy guitar riffs.

In the beginning “Hecate’s Nightmare” feels like a creepy lullaby with dominant gothic tinged atmospheres and borderline diabolical growls surrounded by the refined keyboards tapestries that add subtle symphonic accents while the charismatic guitar soloing relies on flamboyant shredding and classic metal vibes.

On the title track the lavish melodic combo of keyboards and guitars this time showcases exquisite neoclassical accents leading to a theatrical grandeur that naturally embellishes the fierce instrumental dynamics and the galloping extra heavy guitar riffs.

The composition of “Say Never Look Back” combines explosive grooves and melodic phrases as once again smooth guitars and keyboards work harmoniously to craft sophisticated instrumental passages often characterized by cold darkened nuances.

“Soon Departed” enhances a dramatic momentum allowing the slightly slower melancholic guitar work to take the center stage and deliver loads of catchy bittersweet melodies in contrast with the scattered harsh rhythmic segments and rather angered vocals.

Children Of Bodom confidently add some eclectic twists constantly emphasized by the impressive musicianship on “Hexed” but also tend to follow the successful music formula that has generated great interest throughout the years.

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