While She Sleeps – So What?

British quintet While She Sleeps continue to gain popularity with their energetic blend of heavy metalcore and catchy grooves that now more than ever have the potential to reach a wider audience worldwide with the latest full length “So What?”.

The sonic formula behind “Anti-Social” can sound quite frenetic mixing steady sharp guitar riffs and angered screams according to metalcore style but all this doesn’t compromise the essential easier melodic approach of the chorus and the electro layers.

“Inspire” often focuses on crunchy guitar driven grooves still featuring familiar metalcore elements amplified by the scattered heavier segments and furious vocals but the song’s main theme relies on a calmer atmospheric & melodic essence.  

The title track offers loads of brighter melodic moments as guitars tend to acquire modern polished tonalities surrounded by dreamy atmospheres but at times the rage becomes real through galloping guitar riffs and faster drumming.

Certainly “Haunt Me” features some cool guitar riffs that successfully channels the band’s heavier roots while the strong melodic ensemble and consequent catchy chorus this time feel a bit darker accompanied by enjoyable subtle atmospheric arrangements.

On “Elephant” the rhythmic sections become more aggressive evoking darkly enraged feelings clearly amplified by the ravenous screams while the melodic passages are characterized by luminous guitar tonalities and atmospheric serenity that enhance the emotional aspects of the clean vocals.

In the beginning the electro elements of “Gates Of Paradise” create a spacey mood that introduces cohesive rhythmic blasts with galloping metalcore style guitar riffs and a sing along chorus while the significantly slower breakdown features an overload of atmospheric melancholia and smooth clean vocals.

At this point While She Sleeps have developed a precise music style which constantly showcases accessible modern metal dynamics spontaneously leading to impactful grooves and big choruses throughout “So What?”.

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