Kampfar – Ofidians Manifest

Norwegian band Kampfar has been around for twenty five years crafting intense extreme metal music and after taking some time off to heal the release of the new album “Ofidians Manifest” marks a majestic renaissance.

“Syndefall” unleashes an obscure impactful sonic assault with vicious growls matching the aggressive rhythmic patterns which belong to the darkest realm of metal showcasing an inflamed blackened force that demands anguished atmospheres and belligerent guitar riffs.

On “Ophidian” the soaring guitar riffs confidently craft obscure rhythmic progressions channeling an overdose of dismal emotions enriched by the addition of some triumphant epic vibes fully expressed by the solemn clean vocals and choirs.

“Dominans” continues to offer wicked blackened grooves but stands out for the mysterious aura and suspenseful keyboards arrangements that surround a darkly alluring melodic essence enhanced by a dramatic vocal duet featuring guest vocalist Agnete Kjølsrud.

A sense of desolation emerges through fragile acoustic phrases on the lavish final track “Det Sorte” followed by powerful rhythmic blasts characterized by fast grim guitar riffs and pagan metal accents while the exquisite melancholic soul will truly come to life through dreamy piano melodies, haunting atmospheric arrangements and theatrical vocal delivery.

Kampfar naturally demonstrate the ability to express authentic emotions through gelid melodic tapestries and ferocious blackened momentum on “Ofidians Manifest” which always holds a darkened fervor that feels like the perfect way to begin a new flourishing chapter of the band’s career.

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