Vaura – Sables

After six years New York-based avant/post-metal collective Vaura is ready to share with the world the new album “Sables” characterized by a new wave spirit enriched by a palpable experimental approach.

Overall “Espionage” channels darkwave flavors offering loads of soothing guitar melodies especially enhanced by the inner sadness expressed by the vocals even in the super catchy chorus.   

“Zwischen” can sound utterly mysterious as synths here hold an essential role creating haunting multilayered atmospheric arrangements with borderline dissonant accents while vocals and guitars focus on dreamy comforting melodic lines.   

On “The Ruins (Hymne)” the darkened atmospheric textures ensure a perennial melancholia and such sober feelings are matched by the emotional vocals flowing through the luminous guitar harmonies. 

“Basilisk (The Infinite Corpse)” certainly has an audacious experimental edge as futuristic synths craft enigmatic ambiance tonalities that can sound utterly dark yet at times everything feels fragile like a fading memory as vocals become soft whispers. 

The title track features a blend of cold guitar melodies and moody atmospheric arrangements leading to cinematic soundscapes that will often leave way to a goth influenced rhythmic crescendo. 

“Sables” might not be an impactful album due to the lack of obvious heavy dynamics as Vaura deliberately choose an introspective pathway to depict darkly peaceful soundscapes inspired by multiple subgenres with a prominent goth/darkwave flair. 

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