Carnifex – World War X

California-based metal outfit Carnifex worked hard for three years to create the 7th studio album “World War X” which aims to raise the bar in terms of sonic diversity experimenting with multiple extreme metal elements besides classic deathcore.  

The title track is a blistering album opener where vicious screams and hostile rhythmic patterns drag the listeners into an apocalyptic scenario and while the relentless guitar riffs easily lead to sheer brutality there are also interesting symphonic arrangements.  

“This Infernal Darkness” can truly channel unrestrained rage through the precise thunderous rhythmic ensemble yet a moment of ethereal peace takes over the song’s finale with a pleasantly soft piano melody. 

Featuring guest vocalist Alissa White Gluz of Arch Enemy “No Light Shall Save Us” will eventually put the spotlight on the contrast between tormented growls and introspective cleans flourishing through a modern mixture of abrasive guitar riffs and satisfying melodic phrases particularly enhanced by the somber tonalities of the guitar solo. 

“All Roads Lead To Hell” features the talented guitarist Angel Vivaldi so it makes sense to focus on the shredding overdose of the extraordinary guitar solo marching through the extremely wrathful rhythmic segments. 

On “By Shadows Thine Held” the merciless fast drumming dictates a rather savage momentum that is also clearly expressed by the borderline dissonant rhythmic variations while lead guitars have the task to brighten the mood with the elaborate soloing. 

With “World War X” Carnifex often choose to step out from the comfort zone of deathcore certainly without sacrificing the main massive angered themes but showing their ability and desire to push genre boundaries. 

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