This Gift Is A Curse – A Throne Of Ash

Swedish enigmatic band This Gift Is A Curse shares with the world a malignant blackened sonic manifesto that will leave you breathless and shattered within the visionary realm of the third album “A Throne Of Ash”. 

It’s not surprising to hear how vicious “Blood Is My Harvest” can sound with a cohesive series of ruthless rhythmic patterns mixing black and sludge elements with thick guitar riffs and menacing growls following the drumming breakneck speed through a pitchblack atmosphere.  

The impending doom of “Monuments For Dead Gods” leads to introvert guitar melodies and even if the rhythmic segments often follow a slower dramatic tempo the whole instrumental work maintains an impenetrable darkness amplified by the utterly desperate growls. 

The asphyxiating atmosphere of “Wolvking” introduces a violent sonic assault as the brutally fast rhythmic approach demands chaotic guitar riffs, crushing drums and borderline experimental noise elements. 

“In Your Black Halo (Mass 317)” is full of creepy dissonant sounds creating a suspenseful mood but all the noisy feedback foreshadows the beginning of an occult ritual and the band proceeds to offer immensely darkened guitar riffs marching through the aggressive rhythmic maze and the occasional calmer yet intensely ominous segments. 

The arcane aura of “Wormwood Star” is naturally generated by dense atmospheric layers reminiscent of familiar post metal dynamics that become a crucial element consequently guitars put aside the usual  frantic approach to focus on foreboding melodic textures that lead to an alluring hymn to darkness. 

This Gift Is A Curse are clearly devoted to absolute darkness in fact “A Throne Of Ash” dwells within a limbo between a physical and an astral plane and can sound immensely ferocious with an unstoppable extra heavy approach mainly fueled by the band’s major classic black metal roots.

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