NorthTale – Welcome To Paradise

NorthTale is a new Swedish-American power metal supergroup formed by guitarist Bill Hudson vocalist Christian Eriksson and drummer Patrick Johansson who joined forces to genuinely create the music they love on the bombastic debut album “Welcome To Paradise”. 

The title track showcases the band’s straightforward power metal spirit delivering tons of bouncy guitar riffs, monstrous shredding and tasteful melodic passages that certainly benefit from the extraordinary musicianship and always ensure cohesive rhythmic segments. 

“Higher” stays true to classic power metal style with a big chorus and an engaging rhythmic core but what makes the song truly entertaining is the glorious lead guitar work that effortlessly shift from crispy harmonies to a neoclassical inspired shredding galore. 

“Follow Me” has an elegant symphonic flair courtesy of lavish keyboards arrangements and mixes energetic guitar riffs with passionate melodic phrases while the lead guitar once again aims to impress delivering extra sophisticated passages. 

“Shape Your Reality” is wilder & faster allowing the powerful rhythmic section to shine accompanied by a pleasant positive energy fully expressed by the vocals and enriched by the epic vibes of the keyboards layers and the sumptuous guitar work. 

“Sirens’ Fall” is undeniably one of the strongest tracks as the fancy keyboards and the impeccable guitar licks amplify the neoclassical vibes that constantly add a theatrical momentum to the old school power metal dynamics. 

“If Angels Are Real” continues to channel the glory of power metal through the anthemic guitar driven grooves and the bright vocal delivery but inevitably the neoclassical splendor will remain the highlight of the song with a majestic combo of flawless guitars and striking keyboards. 

“Even When” closes the album with a softer ballad style mood, a must have even in the power metal realm, leading to melancholia infused vocals flowing through graceful atmospheric tapestries and symphonic accents. 

Obviously you can tell that “Welcome To Paradise” is the work of experienced and talented musicians and that the genesis of NorthTale comes from a strong desire to carry the torch for the golden era of power metal which is what you will find on this album from beginning to end. 

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