Opium Lord – Vore

Birmingham experimental sludge band Opium Lord returns with the sophomore record “Vore” which immediately showcases a massive darkened essence generating an interesting blend of venomous grooves and contemplative vibes. 

Everything is bleak on “WWCD” as the melodic guitars express immense melancholia and even when the rhythm gets a heavier abrasive approach leading to chaotic noise moments all those somber feelings never really fade away. 

“Suture” dwells within a realm of desolation focusing on the dramatically slow doom tonalities of the guitar work shifting from mournful melodies to aggressive noise riffage supported by a monumental rhythmic backbone and accompanied by desperate screams.  

Featuring Mike Scheidt of the mighty YOB “Columbia” confidently unleashes a funereal doom ensemble amplified by the painful emotions of the vocals and the monolithic guitar riffs are able to build an ominous rhythmic crescendo marching through an oppressive atmosphere that makes you feel lost and hopeless. 

In a world of uncompromising darkness “The Gift” conveys all kinds of dismal feelings through the shattering rhythmic dynamics and vicious vocals while guitars deliver murky sludge riffs and some more melodic and actually accessible sorrowful phrases.
“Vore” has a quite gloomy perspective fueled by cohesive rounds of untamed doom and experimental noise elements as Opium Lord continue to make serious efforts to solidify their sonic identity. 


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