Crest Of Darkness – The God Of Flesh

Norwegian black metal veterans Crest Of Darkness are ready to arise from hellish depths once again to unleash the new diabolical offering “The God Of Flesh”. 

The title track focuses on a massive hostile onslaught with relentless guitar riffs, thunderous drum blasts and demonic growls and such insanely brutal approach clearly channels the primal force of classic black metal. 

“Endless Night” still dwells within a pitchblack sonic realm yet the instrumental ensemble feels more accessible as besides the expected aggressive rhythmic segments there are some comforting somber guitar melodies leading to pleasant contemplative moments.

On “The Spawn Of Seth” the ominous guitar tones and tight riffage foreshadow the consequent savage blackened grooves even if the rhythm will slow down to emphasize the arcane keyboards arrangements. 

Drenched in darkness yet incredibly groovy “Blood” combines fiery ritualistic vibes with grave blackened melodies following a slower yet intense rhythmic section and guitars certainly stand out for the memorable riffs. 

Besides the strong traditional black metal influence “Salvation In Hell” showcases a groovy black ‘n’ roll spirit embedded in the relentless guitar riffs and the chunky bass lines marching fearlessly through a sinister atmosphere. 

It might seem that Crest Of Darkness focus only on ferocious old school black metal style but in reality they are willing to diversify the songwriting approach and the tonalities throughout  “The God Of Flesh” without sacrificing the inner perpetual darkness. 

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