Abigail Williams – Walk Beyond The Dark

Somehow Abigail Williams have often been considered outcasts within the extreme metal scene but regardless of obstacles and tribulations mastermind Ken Sorceron continues to faithfully follow the chosen music pathway on the latest full length “Walk Beyond The Dark”. 

Descending into the darkest depths “I Will Depart” is able to express intense dismal feelings through the fiery blackened grooves full of gelid guitar riffs and the understated atmospheric textures that surround the more melodic progressions that clearly emphasize an increasingly sorrowful mood. 

The darkened journey continues on “Sun And Moon” which at times amplifies a profoundly melancholic approach with the comforting crestfallen cello & guitar melodies and a palpable introspective vibe yet there are moments of unrestrained wrath symbolized by the faster galloping guitar riffs and drum blasts obviously accompanied by tormented growls. 

On “Black Waves” the intricate atmospheric tapestries and the sublime cello melodies create a sense of perennial desolation that is bound to move the listeners while guitars craft additional fervent harmonies that will ultimately embrace the brooding tones of the massive faster blackened grooves. 

Already from the title on “The Final Failure” you can perceive an immense melancholia that flows through the harmonious maze with mournful guitar tonalities following a slower contemplative rhythm at times interrupted by a desperate blackened momentum and constantly embellished by the lavish cello melodies that naturally evoke a neoclassical splendor matching the song’s gloomy grandeur. 

On this new thrilling musical endeavor Abigail Williams focus on an elaborate songwriting inspired by the eternal struggle between dark and light that leads to an impressive blend of soulful melodies and sheer fury, as a result “Walk Beyond The Dark” will inevitably take you to an insanely darkened sonic realm where you might have to face your demons. 

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