Former Worlds – Iterations Of Time

Minneapolis based band Former Worlds have worked hard to craft the official debut full length “Iterations Of Time” which follows an obscure music pathway profoundly inspired by doom & sludge metal. 

“Spectre” is an enigmatic affair relying on monumental rhythmic patterns that evidently channel the abrasive elements of sludge with primal guitar riffs and quite furious screams that create an impenetrable murky atmosphere.  

The complex structure of “Variations On A Cave” allows the band to fully showcase a multifaceted approach with vitriolic guitar riffs cutting through hazy atmospheric layers as the heavy sludge rhythmic core is quite dominant but the calmer moody shoegaze vibes always find a way to stand out. 

“Widow Moon” can certainly sound hostile with the ominous weight of the guitar riffs and the consequent chaotic rhythmic fury also emphasized by spiteful screams yet the inner dreamy shoegaze oriented spirit comes alive with gentle melodies and mellow vocals generating harmonious introspective moments. 

Former Worlds are not afraid to explore multiple metal subgenres to build a personal music identity which on this debut album “Iterations Of Time” constantly manifests a darkened heavy essence. 

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