Thy Catafalque – Naiv

With the avant garde project Thy Catafalque mastermind Tamás Kátai has always chosen a distinctive experimental approach inspired by diverse and even contrasting genres and as a result the new album “Naiv” is bound to constantly surprise the audience.  

“A Bolyongás Ideje” prepares you for a wild ride with a strong blackened rhythmic rampage that highlights the heavier tonalities of the guitar work while the somber vocals and the understated atmospheric arrangements successfully maintain a rather fascinating darkened mood. 

The arcane harmonious beauty of “Embersólyom” tends to favor a mystical folk spirit as the soft atmospheric layers and the comforting piano melodies channel a graceful melancholia lingering even through the heavier rhythmic segments.   

On “A Valóság Kazamatái” futuristic electro arrangements become the main focus with crazy synths and an incredibly variegated range of sounds paired with harsh industrial oriented guitar riffs and contrasting peaceful introspective melodies. 

There’s a lot going on “Vető” as the evident eclectic composition generates exotic melodic waves and entertaining, often unexpected, electronic rhythmic patterns while the more traditional metal elements still find a way to emerge with some intense guitar riffs. 

“Szélvész” certainly has an elaborate structure that once again aims to maintain a multifaceted soundscape yet the massive guitar driven grooves hold a dominant role and will become quite memorable accompanied by the perfect dosage of dreamy atmospheres and obscure rhythmic blasts. 

Certainly diversity is one of the key elements that render “Naiv” such a unique opus so distant from any predefined music category as with an excellent musicianship Thy Catafalque bravely manipulate sounds and explore various subgenres to fully express their creative force. 

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