Psychonaut – Unfold The God Man

Belgian psychedelic post-metal trio Psychonaut is a new band that deserves to be on your radar as the debut full length “Unfold The God Man” already showcases a captivating sonic manifesto enriched by excellent musicianship. 

The instrumental album opener “All I Saw As A Huge Monkey” feels like a wild jam session that marks a truly trippy beginning as the whole instrumentation undergoes a continuous inspiring evolution embracing diverse tonalities and styles while the majestic multifaceted guitar work is bound to impress all music connoisseurs shifting from heavy inflamed riffage to eclectic leads. 

On “The Story Of Your Enslavement” guitars confidently focus on a series of bold groovy riffs leading to massive heavier rhythmic dynamics amplified by spiteful screams that often evolve into darkened introspective clean vocals. 

“The Fall Of Consciousness” is a complex track that emphasizes a charismatic sonic diversity beginning with a spiritual atmospheric ensemble adorned by the soothing clarity of melodic guitars and the technical approach of the enticing soloing while the desperate screams and the grim energy of the galloping riffs generate a groovy momentum. 

“Celestial Dictator” will drag you into a cosmic realm where you’re bound to space out indefinitely guided by an ancestral chant and a tribal rhythm that introduces an opulent instrumental ensemble featuring monolithic rhythmic patterns, enigmatic style variations and an overdose of mesmerizing guitar progressions.   

The extra lengthy final track “Nothing Is Consciousless” can move the listeners with the exquisite melancholy of the flawless harmonious guitar passages and the comforting charm of the clean vocals consequently the meditative moments become quite prominent especially with the addition of the jazzy saxophone tonalities but the belligerent energy of the groovy rhythmic segments often demands your utmost attention. 

Undoubtedly “Unfold The God Man” is an excellent debut album that demonstrates mature songwriting skills as Psychonaut constantly show the clear intention to create an ambitious detailed opus that simply should not be overlooked and might even inspire you to reach a higher level of consciousness. 

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