Dwaal – Gospel Of The Vile

Norwegian doom/sludge metal band Dwaal invites you to embrace your inner darkness within the inescapable gloom of the debut full length “Gospel Of The Vile”. 

“Ascent” is surrounded by an eerie atmosphere that dictates painfully slow and mournful rhythmic dynamics offering murky guitar melodies with dreamy post-metal nuances accompanied by distant spacey vocals. 

The ominous tonalities of “Like Rats” increase a dystopian mood and the doom metal inspiration becomes stronger with the insane weight of the guitar riffs and the tormented growls while the scattered melodic phrases feel like a hymn to melancholia. 

The title track can sound utterly diabolical with vicious growls and a perennial sense of anguish lingering through the bleak atmospheric textures and the heavy woeful rhythmic patterns but guitars also create some comforting melodic moments. 

“Obsidian Heart Burns” continues to concoct darkened themes with slow burning bass lines that foreshadow an impending doom which is bound to become stronger within the monolithic rhythmic maze while the dense atmospheric arrangements channel enigmatic vibes. 

It’s hard to believe that “Gospel Of The Vile” is a debut album because Dwaal already showcase tremendous songwriting skills and a striking sonic vision that seem to emerge from the darkest depths of the soul. 

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