Nite – Darkness Silence Mirror Flame

Featuring current and former members of Satan’s Wrath, Dawnbringer and High Spirits, San Francisco based new band Nite is ready to present a bewitching sonic manifesto on the debut full length “Darkness Silence Mirror Flame” clearly inspired by traditional heavy metal. 

“Genesis” aims to build satisfying grooves with an impeccable classic heavy sound and loads of catchy guitar riffs while the raspy vocal delivery successfully evokes a primal blackened influence that certainly highlights the darker nuances of the instrumental ensemble. 

“The Way” goes straight to a soaring rhythmic rampage that naturally feels memorable due to the familiar heavy metal formula and the lead guitar work has the chance to properly shine delivering refined melodic phrases and flamboyant solos. 

“Lucifer” sounds deliciously wicked & catchy as the slower sorrowful rhythmic section conveys somber emotions and hypnotizing gothic rock nuances allowing guitars to focus on the creation of sultry melodic progressions.  

“Night Terrors” obviously features addictive nightmarish grooves that can instantly trigger headbanging but the brilliant guitar work truly deserves your utmost attention shifting from crunchy riffage to nostalgic harmonies that lead to dazzling licks and extensive majestic solos. 

You will find peace within the darkened melodic splendor of “Bright” as the atmosphere becomes extremely melancholic with tranquil arpeggios and passionate gothic tonalities until a fierce blackened oriented momentum takes over offering intense riffage and thrilling guitar solos. 

Nite confidently channel all the glorious dynamics of classic heavy metal and NWOBHM but also manage to maintain a spellbinding darkened aura throughout “Darkness Silence Mirror Flame”.  

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