Lychgate – Also sprach Futura

UK-based progressive black/doom metal band Lychgate pushes boundaries on the latest release “Also sprach Futura” which dwells within a dystopian realm where spiritual vibes and darkened aesthetics are destined to thrive. 

The dense atmosphere of “Incarnate” constantly spreads darkness with dissonant nuances and the mix of baritone vocals and ominous growls matches the intense gloom expressed by the blackened rhythmic blasts and the opulent guitar melodies. 

The baroque flair of the organ continues to craft eerie atmospheres on “Progeny Of The Singularity” and guitars engage in relentless riffage spiced up by flawless intriguing technical variations while later theatrical vocals emphasize the calmer decadent melodic grandeur before returning to a darker & faster chaotic rhythmic ensemble.  

“Simulacrum” tends to favor an exquisite dramatic depth with melancholic atmospheres and grave guitar harmonies but at some point such brooding ensemble will evolve into frantic rhythmic patterns fueled by the inflamed blackened guitar tones. 

“Vanity Ablaze” focuses on the technical approach of the excellent guitar work which effortlessly crafts hypnotic melodic phrases leading to a contemplative momentum enriched by the trascendental organ tonalities while the full blown heavy blackened riffs amplify the increasing obscurity. 

While “Also sprach Futura” is a short offering all four tracks have the ability to impress the listeners as Lychgate confidently explore philosophical themes and elaborate soundscapes ultimately reminding you that the future is rather dark. 

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