Crematory – Unbroken

After almost thirty years and an extensive discography Crematory continue to carry the torch for European gothic metal and show their unstoppable creative force once again on the new massive release “Unbroken”.

The title track features belligerent growls and constantly delivers inflamed stomping grooves with a strong Neue Deutsche Härte influence so the industrial gritty sound of the guitars feels very dominant. 

“Rise And Fall” offers somber keyboards arrangements and a generous dosage of classic gothic tinged guitar melodies diligently following a darkened softer rhythm and the presence of emotive clean vocals clearly emphasizes the melancholic mood. 

On “The Kingdom” the guitar work focuses on the creation of sorrowful melodies amplified by the nostalgic vocal delivery and the crestfallen vibes of the subtle atmospheric layers but there is also a slightly heavier rhythmic momentum accompanied by fierce growls. 

“Inside My Heart” is the must have ballad full of nostalgia and passionate melodies so guitars deliver soothing arpeggios and the ethereal atmospheric arrangements surround the heartfelt vocals particularly captivating during the catchy chorus. 

On “The Downfall” the industrial flair triggers some heavy guitar driven grooves following an energetic rhythmic section but there is still space for melancholia as the guitar soloing brings darkened polished harmonies. 

The prominent electro vibes of “My Dreams Have Died” lead to an entertaining dark & dancey rhythm and consequently enhance the industrial aspects of the song while the smooth clean vocals easily emphasize the inner melodic sentiment. 

“Voices” has some memorable electro beats that add an edgy industrial verve to the main instrumental progressions that once again skillfully blend melodic phrases and tight riffs accompanied by fiery growls and harmonious clean vocals. 

“As Darkness Calls” relies on catchy gothic metal nuances consequently guitars are focused on the expression of a familiar melodic melancholia balanced by the groovy riffage just like the vocal duet continues to manifest contrasting feelings with clean delivery and growls. 

As the lyrics suggest, Crematory have no intention to stop fighting and “Unbroken” is a straightforward sonic manifesto full of darkened grooves, industrial dynamics and sincere passion. 

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