Wolfheart – Wolves Of Karelia

Finnish winter metal quartet Wolfheart are rightfully conquering more acolytes worldwide with their signature blend of Nordic melancholy and vicious death metal that thrives on the fifth full length “Wolves of Karelia”. 

On “Hail Of Steel” the cold atmospheric arrangements and the guitars have the ability to express poignant feelings creating a captivating melodic grandeur in contrast with the audacious riffage that leads to the expected ferocious rhythmic assault enhanced by wolfpack leader Tuomas Saukkonen’s massive growls.

The atmospheric tapestries of “Horizon On Fire” add majestic vibes around the relentless rhythmic core fueled by hostile drum blasts and untamed guitar riffs while the melodic leads create a wonderful series of comforting gloomy progressions.  

“Reaper” goes straight to a powerful rhythmic ensemble with sharp guitar riffs and venomous growls yet such vicious dynamics will often slow down to highlight the darkened melodic essence and the epic keyboards layers. 

“The Hammer” continues to deliver a perfectly balanced mix of death metal inspired rhythmic segments amplified by the ruthless fast drumming and enthralling melodic guitar leads marching through the solemn atmospheric waves that will take the center stage in the final part accompanied by soulful acoustic phrases. 

“Ashes” features a significantly slower tempo to properly emphasize the extensive icy guitar harmonies and the intricate vivid atmospheric arrangements that create a stunning evocative sonic realm therefore the sorrowful emotions tend to linger even through the scattered heavier groovy moments. 

Wolfheart have perfected their winter metal style and successfully shaped a remarkable identity that today shines brighter with the detailed and irresistible gelid soundscapes of “Wolves Of Karelia”. 

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