Hällas – Conundrum

Swedish adventure rock quintet Hällas has created the new album “Conundrum”, certainly an enigmatic title matching the mysterious proggy retro rock that often feels like a journey back in time. 

“Beyond Night And Day” arrives straight from the 70s as the vintage vibes are extremely dominant in the groovy combo of guitar riffs and multilayered synths while the slower moments are full of astral vibes. 

The relaxing rhythm of “Strider” seems to belong to another dimension and even if this is not a full blown ballad it does rely on mellow guitar melodies and soothing vocals floating through the trippy atmospheric layers. 

“Labyrinth Of Distant Echoes” shows a higher degree of complexity and evidently the presence of kaleidoscopic synths ensures a rich atmospheric ensemble but guitars have the chance to shine with compelling intricate solos and polished melodic textures. 

In the beginning “Blinded By The Emerald Mist” is all about nostalgia but as soon as the rhythmic section takes over the impressive guitar work leads the way to galloping super trippy rock grooves and the luminous harmonies are enriched by the emotive vocal delivery and the dreamy synths. 

Listening to “Fading Hero” you will notice how the 80s style synths hold an essential role crafting a generous dosage of catchy nostalgic arrangements and the guitar riffs & melodies diligently follow a classic rock formula delivering additional retro dynamics and even psychedelic accents. 

Hällas proudly begin a new cosmic experience and the resulting laid back atmosphere and the visionary composition of “Conundrum” always allow you to space out freely. 

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