Hexvessel – Kindred

Psychedelic forest folk rockers Hexvessel embark on a mystical journey that leads to the darkly immersive soundscapes of the latest full length “Kindred”. 

There is a gloomy tranquility lingering throughout “Billion Year Old Being” which begins with minimalist acoustic phrases that will evolve into heavier brooding doom tinged rhythmic progressions and the resulting arcane essence is often emphasized by the haunting choirs and the moody psychedelic accents. 

With a groovy enigmatic rhythm “Demian” showcases a strong ‘70s influence as the guitar work delivers sinister prog rock passages shifting from harrowing melodic textures to a rather fiery darkened solo. 

The mysterious atmosphere of “Phaedra” conveys a moody introspective mood with the trippy approach of the guitars creating sultry melodies and vibrant leads perfectly enhanced by the dramatic vocal delivery. 

“Kindred Moon” evokes comforting folk vibes with the intense melancholia of the mellow acoustic guitars and the resulting multilayered melodic tapestries naturally amplify a calmer contemplative mood. 

The peaceful vibes of “Magical & Damned” aptly revolve around magical atmospheric arrangements and shimmering folk guitar melodies that can easily take you far away and certainly express poignant feelings.  

“Joy of Sacrifice” intensifies the otherworldly themes focusing on the sheer beauty of the pensive acoustic phrases leading to an enchanting melodic ensemble accompanied by softly reassuring vocals. 

Undoubtedly the highlight of “Kindred” is the fascinating esoteric pathway that Hexvessel choose to follow with a rare spiritual energy so while they maintain a laid back composition every song is filled with a darkened energy that is destined to spellbind the listeners.

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