Ritual Dictates – Give In To Despair

Formed by Justin Hagberg of 3 Inches of Blood and Ash Pearson of Revocation the new band Ritual Dictates is ready to showcase a menacing sonic manifesto with the debut release “Give In To Despair”.

“Dominance And Will” prepares a savage rhythmic assault with scorching guitar riffs and punishing drums so the grindcore vibes feel quite dominant yet a groovy heavy rock flair eventually takes over with gritty and much calmer progressions. 

“Given To Despair” offers some catchy guitar riffs marching through the hostile rhythmic segments leading to a major black ‘n roll mood yet the song will shapeshift once again to embrace melancholic guitar melodies and contemplative atmospheric textures.   

The abrasive guitar riffs on “Last Phase Of Life” channel some primal ominous energy that dictates an overdose of icy tonalities and blackened rhythmic blasts while the malevolent growls perfectly match this darker mood.  

“Poisonous Proclamation” goes straight to a merciless rhythmic rampage with vitriolic guitar riffs and super fast drumming that leave you breathless while the chunky bass lines will suddenly introduce a significant change of pace favoring a classic rock inspiration. 

“Aperiam In Porta” tends to focus on aggressive rhythmic patterns yet a darkened aura will allow guitars to slow down in order to deliver fancy progressions following a classic heavy metal formula.  

“Extinction” can sound utterly brutal as the chaotic instrumental rampage and the spiteful growls conjure extreme metal dynamics often interrupted by slower and definitely more accessible grooves featuring memorable guitar riffs. 

In terms of styles Ritual Dictates seem to rely on a main fast and furious grindcore blueprint but also aim to blend many different influences consequently the whole album “Give In To Despair” manage to offer some surprising elements. 

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