Endless Forms Most Gruesome – Endless Forms Most Gruesome

Juuso Raatikainen of Swallow the Sun and Manne Ikonen of Ghost Brigade have joined forces to create the new intriguing music project Endless Forms Most Gruesome and the debut eponymous release promises a massive dosage of sludge/death metal grooves. 

“The Watchers” offers cohesive rounds of chunky guitar riffs and the consequent rhythmic dynamics often acquire extra heavy mournful sludge/doom elements emphasized by the venomous growls.  

There is a malevolent essence lingering throughout “A Thousand Years in Hell” with the increasing tension built by the impeccable rhythmic section and the dense atmospheric textures certainly amplify the expression of grave feelings. 

“Goat” creates an alluring melodic gloom with a dramatic clean vocal delivery and loads of lovely mournful guitar phrases that will ultimately embrace a darkly contemplative momentum yet the groovy sludgy spirit can often trigger monumental rhythmic crescendos. 

“Viral Bloodlust” is constantly fueled by a quite obscure energy that generates monolithic groovy guitar riffs with fuzzy tonalities so the sludge vibes feel quite dominant while the slower moments evoke a profound melancholia with delicious darkened guitar melodies. 

“Free Fall from Womb to Grave” manifests an intricate grand finale focusing on a poetic blend of subtle atmospheric tapestries and wistful guitar melodies that create a refined dreamy ensemble yet with an intense fuzzy energy the rhythmic section will still craft memorable riffage and savage drum blasts. 

Even if Endless Forms Most Gruesome just started their music journey you can easily perceive the talent and experienced musicianship that lead to the thrilling guitar driven grooves of their debut album. 

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