Bombs Of Hades – Phantom Bell

Swedish metallers Bombs Of Hades have crafted the insanely groovy EP “Phantom Bell” which includes four new tracks characterized by multiple influences such as doom and death metal. 

The title track immediately unleashes a ravenous rhythmic rampage offering serious rounds of heavy guitar riffs that stand out for the entertaining crusty tones and the charismatic solo certainly adds a compelling variety.   

The winning formula of “Bridge Of Sighs” relies on super catchy rhythmic dynamics with raspy vocals and gritty guitar tonalities while the band’s multifaceted inspiration is emphasized by  darkened nuances and progressive elements during the excellent soloing. 

The cover of “Kamikaze” by Japanese rockers Flower Travellin’ Band features all kinds of heavy rock vibes with a robust rhythmic section while doomy guitar licks generate a profoundly darker & mysterious sonic realm amplified by the vicious growls. 

The final track is a cover of  “Lungs” by Townes Van Zandt and here the band tends to focus on a spaced out heavy rock approach so guitars are fueled by a trippy energy that triggers an extensive delightful psychedelic tinged solo. 

Listening to the EP “Phantom Bell” you can easily appreciate the overdose of raw energy and you will be curious to see what Bombs Of Hades will concoct on the next full length release. 

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