Perchta – Ufång

Perchta is a new Austrian music project inspired by alpine nature, culture and myth and the debut full-length “Ufång” embodies a ritualistic composition that takes you far away from the modern lifestyle. 

On “Erdn” the enigmatic atmosphere introduces a visceral blackened rhythm yet the galloping guitar riffs and the ominous growls are often interrupted by moody folkish harmonies that emphasize the connection with ancestral traditions. 

“Åtem” prepares an arcane ritual with mellow arpeggios and epic chants that will eventually embrace heavier rhythmic dynamics highlighting the mixture of calmer folk tapestries and primal black metal influences. 

The tribal percussions on “Gluat” continue to amplify the ritualistic style of the whole album while the tremolo picking and the creepy growls inevitably increase the inner darkness in the midst of a mysterious atmosphere. 

The lengthy track “Wåssa” offers some magical acoustic harmonies and passionate clean vocals that emphasize a dramatic depth while distorted guitars successfully channel a dark metal essence with mournful melodic progressions.  

“Winta” evokes a peaceful bond with nature focusing on traditional folk instruments to craft glowing harmonious passages and to put the spotlight on the powerful theatrical vocals. 

Perchta has no interest in making music for the masses in fact “Ufång” aims to create a mystical sonic realm where pagan worship, folk nuances and blackened elements entwine in order to keep alive ancient traditions. 

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