Secrets Of The Moon – Black House

For many years Secrets Of The Moon have been developing an eclectic artistic vision and the inflamed creativity behind the seventh full length “Black House” further demonstrates their ability to convey a darkly emotional ensemble that deserves your utmost attention and might even help you to escape reality. 

Featuring guest vocalist Jules Näveri of Enemy of the Sun, “Sanctum” opens the album conjuring a gelid darkened sonic realm with the fragile beauty of the moody guitar melodies and the intense vocals flowing freely through a gothic tinged rhythmic crescendo that doesn’t really need extra speed to make a memorable impact.  

It’s so easy to fall desperately in love with “Don’t Look Now” as the dense multilayered atmosphere fills the air with a seductive darkness amplified by the soulful vocal delivery and the impeccable guitar phrases can effortlessly evoke a spellbinding melancholia. 

On “He Is Here” everything flows like a daydream within a surreal atmospheric world and the shimmering melodic guitars move sinuously around the poignant vocal harmonies while at times the rhythmic section will generate tumultuous dynamics.  

The introspective depth of “Cotard” is quite evident as the extremely gloomy guitar phrases become an essential part of the intricate composition yet the charismatic rhythmic variations can effortlessly intensify the darkened ardor of the memorable chorus. 

Darkness continues to prevail on the title track which features some subtle blackened elements embedded in the fiery guitar riffs leading to a wilder rhythmic rampage and an impressive flamboyant solo plus the recurring irresistible guitar progressions are destined to get stuck in your head. 

“Mute God” crafts an overdose of gorgeous sorrowful melodies fueled by the wistful guitar tonalities and the eerie atmospheric accents that will ultimately build a bold rhythmic tension while the vocals, featuring Thomas Helm of Empyrium & Noekk, acquire a vibrant spiritual fervor during the super catchy chorus. 

Trying to categorize the music style of “Black House” seems rather futile as Secrets Of The Moon continue to embrace a captivating evolution that today leads to an intoxicating opus offering genuine emotions, exquisite darkened nuances and addictive melodic tapestries.

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