Paradise Lost – Obsidian

Beloved pioneers of gothic/doom metal Paradise Lost have been creating unforgettable music for 32 years and now it’s time to reach another crucial milestone with the spellbinding gloom of the new full length “Obsidian”. 

“Darker Thoughts” opens the album with the melodic splendor of melancholic arpeggios and eloquent strings before entering a majestic gothic metal realm where the ominous growls and the fascinating darkened tonalities of the guitar soloing enrich the memorable rhythmic ensemble. 

“Fall From Grace” immediately grabs your attention with a monolithic doom metal formula offering an overdose of dismal groovy segments carefully built by the mix of crunchy riffs and captivating nostalgic guitar progressions that constantly convey a grim emotional turmoil. 

The moody rhythm of “Ghosts” makes you want to dance under the moonlight and the absolutely catchy goth mood is deeply amplified by the gloomy chorus and the haunting beauty of the melodic guitar phrases. 

While “The Devil Embraced” often features ethereal harmonies accompanied by heartfelt clean vocals the rhythmic section will soon embrace a mournful doom metal pathway with heavier monumental guitar riffs enhanced by the cathartic nature of the elaborate solo. 

“Forsaken” is surrounded by the evocative darkened aura of the delicate atmospheric waves that always emphasize the gothic grandeur of the fiery guitar progressions and the groovy rhythmic blasts. 

With a slower rhythm “Ending Days” takes the chance to highlight poignant feelings through the melancholic clean vocal delivery and the lavish melodic guitar work effortlessly increases the dramatic depth with wistful phrases and inflamed soloing. 

The perennial eerie atmosphere of  “Ravenghast” intensifies the mesmerizing obscure essence embedded in the lugubrious rhythmic crescendos and the solemn guitar work crafts an overload of ravishing dynamics that clearly follow a mighty doom metal inspiration. 

“Obsidian” can easily conquer your broken soul as Paradise Lost perfectly keep a balanced blend of heavier doom patterns and bewitching melodic progressions conjuring their influential legacy but also confidently moving forward to embrace a natural evolution that ultimately proves that after so many years they are still essential within the current metal scene.

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