Nyrst – Orsök

From the wintry landscapes of Iceland emerging black metal band Nyrst arise to spread mystical darkness with the debut album “Orsök”.

“Æðri Verur” builds suspense with eerie arpeggios and mysterious atmospheric waves that evolve into an increasingly ominous rhythmic rampage bearing the mark of classic black metal and leading to utterly bleak soundscapes emphasized by the theatrical vocal delivery. 

The title track revolves around the intense grim feelings expressed by the relentless cold guitar riffs and the diabolical growls constantly creating a sinister sonic realm while calmer rhythmic variations generate melancholia infused melodic progressions. 

“Hvísl Hinna Holdlausu” continues to conjure an impenetrable darkness that highlights the tormented blackened approach and the gelid guitar tonalities shifting from an apparent melodic tranquillity to a malevolent riffage that evokes arcane vibes surrounded by a dense borderline claustrophobic atmosphere. 

On “Turnar í fjarska” the menacing guitar riffs and the consequent frantic rhythmic patterns are fueled by a primordial blackened force while the gloomy blend of mournful melodic phrases and haunting atmospheric accents conveys the icy beauty of a stark wintry landscape.  

It becomes quickly clear that Nyrst already have shaped an obscure sonic identity following an esoteric pathway with the perfect dosage of blackened nuances and listening to “Orsök” you will inevitably feel compelled to embrace the overwhelming darkness.  

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