Kult Of The Skull God – The Great Magini

Army Of The Universe’s vocalist Lord Kalidon and guitarist Davide Tavecchia joined by drummer Joey Amato begin a new exciting music journey with the band Kult Of The Skull God and inspired by the glorious days of hard rock they unleash the incendiary debut full length “The Great Magini”. 

“Black Magick” can sound a bit mysterious but definitely has a straightforward hard rock mood that naturally leads to catchy rhythmic patterns and an addictive chorus with sharp riffage enriched by the outpouring charisma of the vocals. 

“Liar” is full of memorable hooks following a blazing true rock ‘n roll pathway with smooth guitar progressions and a slightly darkened flair that quickly becomes irresistible and highlights Lord Kalidon’s versatile vocal delivery. 

The mood becomes increasingly darker on “The Oath” with some haunting atmospheric textures and wicked vocals nevertheless the band still manages to maintain a widely accessible approach with powerful guitar driven grooves. 

“Lost And Lonely Ones” channels an alluring gothic rock essence and Lord Kalidon’s seductive baritone vocals are destined to steal the spotlight flourishing through the captivating & addictive rhythmic crescendos. 

The title track features another explosive rhythmic core as guitar riffs effortlessly ensure a magnetic groovy momentum and the sultry gothic feel is still very present influencing the melodic tonalities and the intense vocal harmonies. 

“Vultures” has its monumental groovy moments but immediately stands out for the vibrant evocative melodies that naturally create hypnotic rhythmic segments emphasizing the melancholic feelings and the absolutely passionate vocal performance. 

You will be inevitably compelled to join the Kult Of The Skull God as the debut release “The Great Magini” holds a glamorous rock energy and confidently creates massive groovy dynamics that make you feel good.  

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