Vuur & Zijde / Impavida – Vuur & Zijde / Impavida

New black metal trio Vuur & Zijde and anonymous band Impavida join forces to create mysterious and nihilistic soundscapes on a new split album that will give them a chance to introduce themselves in the underground metal scene. 

Vuur & Zijde recorded these tracks in a remote yurt on the Frisian shoreside and their first offering on this album is “Zonnestorm” which begins with a mystical chant before entering a proper blackened sonic realm with steady tremolo picking and gloomy atmospheric waves. 

“Noordzee” continues to amplify a transcendental darkness combining bewitching melodic phrases and ethereal vocals flowing through a hazy atmospheric maze. 

The last track by Vuur & Zijde “Zilt” certainly holds a raw blackened essence but also focuses on the creation of shimmering guitar melodies to evoke a profound nostalgia emphasized by the dreamy atmospheric arrangements. 

Impavida’s first track “Gram” unleashes a mystifying black metal formula with fast riffage and tormented screams that inevitably generate a bleak soundscape significantly amplified by somber melodic segments. 

The final track “Wahn & Stille” revolves around slower cascading melodies and monochromatic guitar tonalities that will often embrace faster dissonant dynamics marching through the murky atmosphere that naturally emphasizes an impenetrable darkness.  

In terms of music style both Vuur & Zijde and Impavida confidently follow a rather obscure sonic pathway fueled by a lugubrious black metal inspiration and enriched by enigmatic atmospheres. 

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