Die Kreatur – Panoptikum

Oomph! frontman Dero Goi and Lord Of The Lost’s mastermind Chris Harms are already renowned for their charismatic talent and now they joined forces on the new project Die Kreatur which showcases a catchy gothic flair on the debut full length “Panoptikum”.

The eponymous track “Die Kreatur” symbolizes the band’s sonic manifesto with an audacious and absolutely explosive blend of gothic rock and Neue Deutsche Härte fueled by abrasive guitar riffs, addictive electro arrangements and ominous vocals. 

“Kälter Als Der Tod” conveys a seductive darkness with the enthralling goth nuances of the rich atmospheric layers and the melodic phrases while the bold guitar riffs will trigger some groovy dynamics leading to a memorable chorus. 

“Unzertrennlich” relies on a cool mix of eerie atmospheric arrangements and dancey electro beats generating a smooth & quite accessible rhythmic ensemble naturally enhanced by the bewitching vocal delivery. 

“Untergang” has a faster rhythmic core favoring some aggressive industrial vibes within the gritty guitar work that this time tends to focus on a galloping riffage embellished by the moody atmospheric synths. 

The dance floor vibes of “Mensch/Maschine” are immediately evident as the synths take control mixing vivid electro beats and shimmering atmospheric layers and while maintaining a rather darkened aura the rhythm gets you ready for a goth party. 

“Benutz Mich” often sounds super groovy with a stomping rhythmic section filled with sharp guitar riffs and powerful vocals yet there is a soothing melodic essence that naturally leads to haunting atmospheric moments. 

“Gott Verdammt” features fervent rhythmic blasts so guitars maintain distorted tonalities to deliver heavier riffs while the finale will surprise you with emotive choirs flowing through peaceful atmospheric waves. 

Undoubtedly the strength of “Panoptikum” comes from the experience and songwriting skills of Die Kreatur as they already have developed a darkly alluring sonic formula that is destined to capture your attention. 

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